Disruptive Digital
The New Normal

Disruptive Digital represents the New Normal in the market, that of Disruptive Mindset set, compelling organisations to continuously recalibrate their existence and in the process transforming themselves to become FEARLESS, AGILE & HYPER-COMPETITIVE entities that know no bounds.



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The famous quote from Charles Darwin seems apt for the Disruptive Digital Era, moving beyond the realms of physical limitations, opening new frontiers, and changing the fundamentals along the way. As a result, we are seeing the creation of highly Agile, Fearless and Hyper-Connected Digital Enterprise, willing to take on the world with unknowns at a rate never seen before. This book is a guiding lense to those established enterprises, who are weathering the storm, trying to re-invent themselves amidst disruptions, that are threatening to take away their very existence. And also to the budding one`s with blue eyed approach to win the market and make an impact on their customers. This book will offer transformation leaders with

  • Guiding framework for a transformed Disruptive Mindset
  • Building Blocks of Disruptive Digital Enterprise
  • Engagement models that define Customer Experience
  • Digital Maturity Model, Toolkits and Assessment Framework
  • Building a Roadmap Design

Disruptive Digital is richly illustrated with real world examples from Netflix, GE, Microsoft, Uber, Nike etc. along with detailed case studies of Indian Railways and Amazon, analyzing their digital maturity and roadmap moving forward. The book introduces a fresh perspective and innovative model to guide leaders and their teams in expanding their capacity to engage in the new disruptive era.

Why Disruptive Digital?

The world is shifting base from old siloed Industrial Economy setup to a highly inter-connected digital eco-system driven informed and Agile Setup, where democratisation of technology is driving greater customer experience and expectations. This tectonic shift is driving unprecedented volatility in the markets with unpredictable business models created by unknown competitors, leading disruptions across industries and business lines at a pace, that far surpasses anyone`s expectations.

The veracity, velocity and variety of change are putting unexpected pressure on organisations and questioning the very fundamentals on which they existed.

Corporate Mortality Rate is increasing at an exponential rate

Since 2000, more than Half of the Fortune Companies have either gone bankrupt, been acquired or ceased to exist.

Startups are becoming Formidable Players in Short Time

It used to take Fortune 500 companies an average of 20 years to reach a billion-dollar valuation, today with the likes of Uber, Snapchat, and Xiomi, it is 4 years or lower.

Industry Boundaries are Getting Blurred

As Physical immerses with Digital, Products, and Services can hardly be differentiated and the distinction between producers and consumers are fast diminishing, Organisations have been compelled to redefine and recalibrate their existence. For example, AT&T is no more calling itself a telecom entity, but a content player. GE too is shifting base to industrial to technology business.

Unknown competitors emerge with Capacity to Disrupt

Companies like Netflix and Uber were relatively unknown, when they disrupted the heavyweights in their industry.

As a result of all these developments, the fundamentals have changed and organisations have no option but to disrupt their own thinking, disrupt themselves and start afresh with the motive to use Digital to drive Disruptions in the market. As Frankly, that is way for existance. IT IS THE NEW NORMAL!!!


DISRUPTIVE DIGITAL, brings in a refined and systematic approach towards gaining Digital Maturity putting together frameworks and business models to guide organisations towards their transformational journey.

  • Capaa

  • Value curve Life Cycle

  • Transitional Customer Journey

  • Circle of Influence

  • Digital Maturity Model

  • Capaa

  • Value curve Life Cycle

  • Transitional Customer Journey

  • Circle of Influence

  • Digital Maturity Model

Capaa Framework

CAPAA (Capability Adaptability and Agility) provides a framework to define Organisational preparedness for Change. As organisations traverse through the most Disruptive era of our times, the 3 most important ingredients of the survival and for that matter success recipe will be CAPABILITY, ADAPTABILITY AND AGILITY quotient of the Organisation. This framework highlights and assesses the key parameters involved in assessing the CAPAA among the important pillars influencing the existence of any Enterprise, namely, Leadership, Customer, Processes, Technology prowess and People (Employees). Hence, in order to assess one`s preparedness for the Disruptive Digital era, its importance to assess the Organisational tenets on CAPAA.

Value Curve Life cycle

Value Curve Life cycle – This framework highlights that the Value perceptions have changed and so have their lifecycles. New Age organisations like Amazon, Google and Apple are creating and recreating products to extend the value chain and thereby gain greater mindshare of their customers. It highlights the organisations need to renew the value for its customers by maintaining or improving utility derived from it. The Value Journey Roadmap is a guiding force behind making the digital transition successful through a sustained effort to drive value creation, sustenance and value re-design to stay relevant to its customers. For more see how organisations like Amazon and Google have mastered this framework to keep their relevance and extend value in front of their customers.

Transitional Customer Journey

Transitional Customer Journey – This framework highlights the importance of extending value chains by transitioning through multiple customer journey across various products. This Framework provides guidance on extended the experience of products by providing customers with seamless and uniform experience that invariably brings convenience and stickiness to the offerings.

Circle of Influence

Circle of Influence- Is the depiction of influence that organization extends on to its customers throughout the customer consumption cycle. The Maturity and scale of engagement at various touchpoints are measured based on how deeply the customer is influenced with it. This is primarily a tool through which organisations can assess their engagement maturity through the consumption cycle of their customers. Find out how organisations like Amazon and Indian Railways are vying and influencing their customer through various touchpoints and also their maturity in terms of engaging with them.

Digital Maturity Model

The Digital Maturity Model This is the crux of the book. The Model is based on two factors that influence the Digital Maturity of an organization, namely, Organizational Maturity (by product of Operational efficiencies) and Customer Engagement Maturity that determine the different stages of the Digital Maturity, namely, DIGITAL EXPLORERS, EXCAVATORS, EXPEDITIONERS & MASTERS. Roadmap design will depend on a lot of factors, though it will always be easier to define milestones based on which segment organizations want to operate on. It highlights that there is no one solution fits all approach and that for each organization the journey towards digital maturity varies and therefore, though the fundamentals remain the same, the veracity to transformation can vary.