Disruptive Digital: The New Normal

Disruptive Digital represents the New Normal in the market, that of Disruptive Mindset set, compelling organizations to continuously recalibrate their existence and in the process transforming themselves to become FEARLESS, AGILE & HYPER-COMPETITIVE entities that know no bounds. This presentation presents the key tenets of building that transformative Disruptor to take on the uncertain and…

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Dynamics of Delivering VALUE Lifecycle

A sneak peek into organisational Journeys over the years has found that four factors have been common to driving success: ·     The ability to gain insights that go beyond what is stated ·     The ability to capitalize on insights to build products at the right cost ·     The ability to engage and influence at the right time ·     The…

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The rate of disruptions is exploding and so is the Corporate mortality rate, engulfing with it, a higher number of companies every year. S&P500 is the most cited report, which highlights that from 1955 to 2014, 89% of the Fortune 500 companies listed in the exchange were disrupted. If we look at the recent scenario,…

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Fresh Talent: The Next Big Vantage Point for Enterprises

Talent today is the underlying factor for success of any organization; however, recruiting the right talent is not only challenging but is also becoming a costly affair. With growth comes a relentless thirst for manpower and what will contribute to the success of any organization to surge ahead of competition is the availability of talent…

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The Rise of Digital Enterprise

Trends shaping up the Industry Today The world is going through radical transformation, not that it has not been in this phase earlier, however the pace and rate of change has been something which has been unmatched before. Faster, Easier & Affordable Reach of Network, Infrastructure is bringing about radical changes in the way we…

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