In Conversation with Kerem Abuc on Garanti Bank

In Turkey, digital conveniences are commonplace; the country is one of the largest mobile banking markets in the world with 21 million bankable digital customers over the age of 18. To keep pace with a digital age Garanti Bank is moving innovation and customer centric approaches to drive greater customer experience.

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In Conversation with Helmi Halim

MIMOS R&D supports the country’s digital transformation agenda. Their transformation journey entails leveraging technology trends and investing in advanced manufacturing technologies and processes; complemented with programmes in innovation, skills development and productivity improvement.

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Visiting MIMOS R&D Facility in Malaysia

Visited MIMOS, Malaysia’s National ICT R&D body, focusing on building innovative IoT Solutions. MIMOS has initiated a IoT lab that does research around IoT use cases in the field of Agriculture, Fisheries, Transport etc. in urban areas.

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Key Note on Digital becoming Disruptive Now

Digital Disruption is now shaping the 21st Century Economy where technology is driving disruptions across business models leading to change in Fundamentals across products, customers and businesses across industry lines. Disruptions are becoming the New Normal. Delivered a key note presentation around the trends shaping and leading up to that in Asia IoT Business Platform,…

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Engaging Discussion on why is Digital becoming Disruptive Now

Yes. The fact of the matter is that Digital is not new and that it has existed since ages. However, its meaning and parlance have undergone a massive change redefining its impact on Organisations and Industry at Large. What it has done though, is that, It has transformed the Industry from being unidirectional to being…

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Cloud has turned tables for Infrastructure Management

Delivering a keynote presentation on trends shaping up Cloud in the Infrastructure Management Space in India and how Telecom Service Providers need to leverage this capability and take initiatives to drive their greater adoption among SMB and Mid Tier Enterprises within B2B and B2C segments. Telecom Services Providers have evolved, since then and are in…

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